Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sporatic holiday update!

I got some waxes for hendersons today. these are the front brake shoes for a 28-31 kj and deluxe. The pieces that look like pluming fittings are 1928 only choke mechanisms. These have been in process for eight months, and I am very happy to see some progress being made.

Ryan got the rest of his frame pieces ready to go back together. It still has to be welded in this picture, He made the jig that goes in the axle plate slots.

Here is a fixture that I made yesterday for mounting the left side floorboard tab.

Here is the fly wheel for my sears. I bought some blanks from Paul Osbourne. They machined up nicely.

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  1. Hi, cool to see those Henderson parts. Would have tought the Harley stuff kept you busy :-) With regard to the Choke bends, I have repoped several of those for the 24 to 27 Tx4`s, even sold some to the US. They are the same as you know but bending towards the rear exhaust pipe Are you going to cast these bends with a full core? I did them with a straight core and made myself a jig to be able to turn out the internal from two sides. I am pretty sure that is what they did in Chicago too. The jig I made forced me to think quite a bit but it works OK. Can share photos if interrested.
    I allso made the knobs to operate the choke as well as the Ventury neck and lever for throttle control. I have one of those Carbs on my 27 and it runs nice. The jig for getting all the bores in the ventury body was a challenge too.
    Keep up your god work.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours and Ryan whoms work I follow with great interrest.