Friday, December 4, 2009

The last couple of days!

My daddy finished up the transmission for Doug's 36 today. I love the way that these look when they are set up for with the chrome package. Check out the 36/37 kicker arm and clutch arm!

Early 36 kicker covers don't have a boss for the vent, and the case is spot faced where the fitting goes in. The casting is completely different when compared to later 36 covers. The top is different too, check out the stop for the clutch arm, I wish that hd would have kept doing this, it is a cool deal.

Here are some of the wheels that jesse laced up yesterday, they are very beautiful! He did three more sets, but they are all getting trued up.

Here are some prototype stainless steel pushrod clips that got mailed to us for approval. These are correct for 1940 to 1942 knuckleheads. The clip part is .020 to thin. The die is being modified, and we should have them in a month or so hopefully!

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