Sunday, November 1, 2009

wing nuts ready to plate!!!!

Here are some 5-16 18 wing nuts that we just finished up and are getting ready to ship off for cad plating. The pre war wing nuts were brass and the post war version was steel. These are really nice. They have rounded edges just like originals. There are some other guys making them out of pot metal, and the threads strip out pretty quickly.


  1. Re the existing reproductions stripping out, you've got that right! I've gone through half a dozen, I don't think I am overdoing it when I tighten them up, it's almost like the vibration over time gets to them. So, '41 and '42 would be brass and '46 and '47 would be steel?

  2. I am not sure when the switched. Our original paint 37 and 41 have brass wing nuts and our original paint 46 has steel ones, so the change must have happenned during the war sometime. I guess it doesn't really matter after they are cad plated lol.