Friday, November 6, 2009

36 wiring!!!!!

I have been working on wiring doug's 36 for the last day. It is going really well. All the wires are new old stock wires. Early nos wires do not have a rubber insulator, it is just cotton braiding over the copper wire, so they are a smaller diameter.

The generator in this pic is just an old junk one that I am using for setup. I should have the correct rebuilt genny back from Dale Cashman next week sometime. I am just using it for set up. I had to re dye the wires to get their original color back. They look bitchin!!!!

Here is the coil set up. I brought my daddy's original paint 37 over to use as a reference, they are pretty much wired the same, except for a couple details.

The two wires for the taillight and brake light are covered in a clothe woven loom that runs all the way to the tail light. I have been saving that little piece of wire for four years for this bike. I am really happy with the way this is turning out.

Check out the noose wire end, HD used this set up through the middle of 39. It is a classy and finished looking deal.

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  1. matt, your work is just awesome. your attention to detail is impeccable!! keep up the great work my friend.

    -billy :)