Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tim's bike!

Here is Tim on his rolling chassis.

Here is the motor before the pushrods were installed. It has parkerized early 36 frogeyes. It looks really neat

HEre it is installed in the frame with all of the oil lines on it. My friend doug did all of the nickel plating, it is perfect!

Here is the jewelery pic. This is one of the prettiest motors that we have ever done. Check out the nickel plated pushrod tubes, parkerized frogeyes and all of the other neat details. I really like this one. It is difficult to improve on the looks of a knucklehead engine, but we did it this time.


  1. WOW Matt, that is a beautiful engine! Can't wait to see the whole bike..

  2. looks good man. I'm jealous.
    Paul E.