Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tim's paint! and some muscle cars.

We picked up tims sheetmetal today. It turned out really well. I love working with Mike Schwaub. He restores muscle cars, and really gets the concept of fixing stuff up.

Here is the front fender. It is awesome!

Here is some mopar car that Mike is working on, It is kind of a rootbear orange.

Check out all the details under this hood. Mike is an obsessive nerd with this stuff. We have a lot in common, he cares as much about all the little details on cars as I do on bikes. I love working with him.

Here is a motor ready to be installed. I kind of feel bad for car guys, they work so hard on the details, and it all gets covered up by a hood.

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  1. wow .. .cute cat. .. I love it. . did you make your own design of that car??
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