Friday, October 30, 2009

cn 37 heads

This is a late 36 37 head that we received for repairs this week. The rear head is pretty nice, and the front head is in amazing condition. It has never been converted to run covers. 36 and 37 ohvs had open rocker motors. Go to to see some videos of open rocker heads in action. Anyways this head is amazing!

It looks like a fin is missing, but it is cast like that, so that the return line on the baby food jar has clearance to route back to the rocker box.

Check it out!!!!

36 and 37 heads have this little y stamped in the intake port. It is a cool deal. The only problem with this head is a crack up the exhaust port, which is a pretty common deal.

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  1. hello!
    Nice to see 37 head! The Y-markind are very interesting. I have had several 37 head sets and a few of them had these markings. On the heads that was marked with an "Y" the inlet channel was ported.
    I came to believe that these were factory ported heads. Other 1937 heads I have had did not have this marking. Is there any work done to the inlet tract on these ones?