Thursday, October 22, 2009

1913 sears post number 1!!!!!

Today has been amazing so far. UPS delivered my 1913 sears frame and fork today. The amazing condition of these old parts is a true testament to the workmanship of the people that built them 96 years ago.

Here is the frame, all of the tubes are in really good shape. The axle plates are a little bent out of shape, and there is a small crack in the rear pedal casting, but it won't be a challenge to fix them.

Here is the fork, there are cracks on both of the tapered legs from water getting inside of the fork and freezing. This happens all the time on springers. I need to buy the leaf spring, struts and rocker studs. There is a fellow up in canada that makes some that are really close to what I need for my bike. I am so excited.


  1. Will you build this with a single or a twin?

  2. i am going to build a twin. I have to figure out how to get the motor from north carolina to my place?