Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wauseon Goodies

 Here is a cool 56 panhead that I took a picture of at wauseon.  It was a whirl wind trip to get there and even though we were only there for a short time, I got to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family.  This meet is absolutely amazing.  If you have not been there, you should try to make it.
 This is a nos windshield for an m50.  The box is sooo big and cool. the windshield is neat too,  it is springer sized and we will put it on one of our touring bikes with a springer.
 The furniture was a gift from our friend Paul in Chicago.  It belonged to Harry Mollenaars sister . Paul gave us a dinning room table, a buffet and chairs.  They are 100 to 120 years old,  Harry ate a bunch of family meals at these same tables.  we are going to put them in the barn.   I am so excited and feel very privileged to receive such an amazing gift with such good antique motorcycle vibes and energy.
 one of the oil tanks is original paint and has 10 percent of the decal on it.  we will put this tank on my dad's 40 el
 some nice restorable outer primaries
 More bits and pieces.  we didn't get anything extraordinary at the meet,  just a lot of good consumable stuff that you end up using when restoring bikes.   I like to call this meat and potato type parts
 I love these seats.  One of my friends had a original paint 65 with a rigid mounted sportster seat like these.  I guess you could order them that way.
 more consumable stuff. 
 some cool kicker covers.  these need the typical cracks repaired, but they are workable pieces.   One is a 37 and the other is a 48
 check out the screw in this front rocker box.  It is taking the place of the blow out fitting that was used in late 36 and 37.   luckily we made some of the blowout fittings up a couple years ago
 cool kicker pedals
 brittney found this box of knuckle goodies underneath a pile of seventies play boys
 a cool finned aircleaner cover and primary cover for a shovel head
 some good consumable tail lights and dashes.   we were out of the 55 and later tail lights,  glad we have a few more now. Check out the horn,  I have never seen one like it before it is 2/3s scale of a delco horn and has a 47 indian style starburst grill on it.   This will make a cool bobber horn someday.

 a nos superglide ignition switch  woo hoo.   Someday I will be very happy that my dad bought this.  haha
 check out the light bar that my dad bought in dixon.  These are so cool  we are putting one on Jason's 65 flh
more bits and pieces.  I love old motorcycle parts  I wish that they could talk and tell all the stories that they have been a part of over the years.


  1. Matt,
    Cool Shovel Primary cover, what's your plans with it?
    I own a few Shovels and that would look cool on the 77 Low Rider that will be this winters project.
    Let me know if you're willing to sell, trade, or need slave labor:)?
    Tom D
    Flandreau, SD

  2. Hey Matt, No wonder I never met up with you at Wauseon! You had your head in a crate all day...maybe next time.

  3. Harry Mollenaar, what a great Dealer up in Northern Indiana.

  4. Hello Matt!
    I want to contact you.
    harley davidson parts you buy.
    I'm from Hungary.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.