Monday, July 30, 2012

early mufflers, early knuckleheads and early intake overexhausts

 Miss Brittney and I finished up a  batch of early mufflers last week.  We did this batch to help pay for some of the costs involved with our wedding-- which is only two weeks away!!!  Here are six mufflers that we are sending to our friend Katsunori in Japan.  We have had a bunch of orders from Japan for these mufflers,  It is pretty neat.  I hope that we get to meet  them when we go to the mooneyes show in december. 
 I really love how these turn out.  they are a lot of work, but perfect in every detail and every part is made in the USA
 We still have four that are not spoken for,  shoot me an email if you need one for your project.

 Here is Jim's 38,  I spent the morning bolting the rear fender on for good.   This bike is turning out sooo nice. 
 The fender straps were painted black in 1938,  I wish that all fender straps were painted black,   it is a lot better than parkerizing.
 here is a prototype brake backing plate for a springer.   It is machined out of steel and is for springer front ends.  but it is dimensionally larger than stock springer brakes.   That is because it was made to use hydra glide brake shoes and a drum.  
Here is a picture of the special cam and centering pin that had to be made for this project.   The springer front brake is probably the only bad part on a knuckle or btsv.   We are going to put this prototype on my dad's 39 and see how it performs for the rest of the summer
 Here are the wheels for the jd that I am working on for my friend John.   It is a 28 j.  
 Here are teh rebuilt rockers.  I put grease zercs in it rather than alemite fittings,
 fork all put together and ready to go
 here is a pic of the new fenders fit up.  They are replicant metal fenders.  They bolted up pretty nicely.  The front fender braces were off just a little bit.  Everything is at the painters right now.  It is going to be cream with red stripes.
 here is a cool shot of the bottom of the rear fork leg.  Check out the anchor for the steering dampener.  This little modification will make it like a modern bike on the highway.   Bikes with out steering dampeners are so squirrely 

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  1. I hope you finish your project soon. Can't wait to see it when it is done.