Thursday, July 26, 2012

cool raw bf bike pictures

I was looking through some pics on the shop computer and came across these two pics.  I really liked this bike raw.   It turned out nice after being painted, but i think that the paint and plating made it look unreal,   when it was still in the raw metal form it looked more hand built and artisan like. 
 here is a cool pic of Brittney and I with the bike raw.  We are getting married in a few weeks on august thirteenth, which is a big part of why i have not posted much over the summer.  There is so much going on right now in my life,  I am very fortunate to get to experience the things that are going on,  it is just a lot,  at least I wont have a big wedding on my list of things to do in the future.  With all that being said  I am so excited.  She is such an amazing person and I am very proud of how hard she works and her creativity.  I am a very lucky guy and am so excited to grow together and push each other to excel and accomplish whatever we decide to do together.

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