Friday, July 27, 2012

Vern's 46 with bags mounted and miles ridden plus brittneys new bicycles

here is a shot of Vern's 46 it has 47 miles on it.  Everything is working well on it.  It is a joy to ride.  I had to stiffen up the seat post a bit and tighten up the rear brake adjustment.  I will ride it some more this weekend, then I can move onto sorting out the 39 and the  45 wl
 When I was thirteen or fourteen I saw a skyway blue 46 with blue emblems and I have wanted to build one ever since.  I love the way this bike looks.  It is the perfect knucklehead.   Vern has had this bike for over thirty years, and now it is in good enough condition to take wherever he wants too.   I hope he wears it out and I can restore it again.   We had it judged in Wauseon  and it scored 93 points.  Which is really good considering the points hits we took for having a 12 volt generator, 12 volt coil and fancy headlight.  It would have scored 98 points if we had put the proper six volt electrics on it,  but since vern wants to ride his bike,  it is a good compromise to make for safety and practicality
here are some of the bicycles that Brittney got at wauseon and in Chicago.  they are in different  states of repair. There are a lot of cool styling cues to pick up from these bikes.   My favoriet is the maroon and red dayton.  We are going to paint her race bike very similar to that bicycle
 check out the kiddy seat, it was made in holland and mounts behind the rider.   She also got one that mounts on the handlebars. 
 here are some cool troll doll grips.  do any of you guys know what vintage they are

 check out the koslow bicycle dealer sticker on the seat post.  Koslow worked for excelsior on the big bertha hill climber projects and went on to make his own over head valve conversions for vls and ulhs.

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