Saturday, July 28, 2012


 this is probably my favorite picture of my 36 .  My friend Joe Mielke took it for me.  This was right after or before my iron butt runs a couple years ago.   I have since broken the frame while doing wheelies.  I have to re tube the seat post this winter,  then I will put it back together and prep it for our up coming alaska adventure.
 Here are a couple of other pics that my friend Joe took of the born free bike.  This is probably the best pic I have seen of the dash.  It is very difficult thing to photo graph because of the different curves and radiuses. 
 Joe is six and a half feet tall, so his regular photos have a bit of a different angle than ones that I take haha
this is probably the best picture that I have ever taken in my life.  It is from last year and it marked the first time that brittney rode a knucklehead on the highway.  It has been copied and pasted all over the internet since then, so I guess other people must like it too.


  1. if you need more R&D help, i'll gladly "test" one of those brakes on my '37 UL!

  2. Because she's awesome Matt. Hard to find a women like her...I found one so i know..I am so happy for you...1 in a million is Ms Brittney... :)