Wednesday, May 5, 2010

woooo hooo

Igot a box from the foundry today. Lots of good stuff.

These are probably the coolest pieces in the box. I love tail gunner lights, but the og ones are made out of pot metal and always break, so I sent some off and had them made out of steel. This is a long term project, but I am moving on it which is so cool.

Here are some waxes that I got from my friend Dan, do any of you guys know what these are?


  1. Wow! Rocker box support brackets for Knuckle heads. That is a GREAT idea. I have heads gathering dust that could use some. BTW, Happy Birthday to you and your Dad.

  2. oh hell ya. i'll take 2 tail gunner lights when they're ready. what are you thinkin of selling them for?

    my email

  3. Great stuff Matt I will need some of those knuckle rocker brackets too

  4. Hi, I did see the waxes for the tailgunners in one of your previous posts, now they are done wich is cool.
    Have you got any source for getting new lenses?
    Will you get the lenses done in plastic or glas?

  5. knuckle rocker pads for head castings??

  6. There is a guy on ebay that sells rebuild kits for the tailgunner lights. Steel will be awesome as we have 2 as tail lights on out Knuckle chopper but they are factory originals and Mike is always worried about snapping one off. The plastic lenses are really nice, cant tell them from the glass until you actually pick them up.