Monday, May 3, 2010

strange brew

Kevin had a small problem with his hollow axle sleeve so we all pitched in and switched it out. When you only have one brake, you have to make sure it works at full capacity.

After Kevin, Chad, Ole and Andy left, we got a call an hour later that Kevin shredded his 11 mm belt. We didn't have a spare, so we packed up some tools and a chain drive set up and went to go swap it out.

Here is kevin with the STRANGE BREW knucklehead. This is a really great bike and fun to ride.

Here he is all fixed up and ready to head home, which happens to be the direction that he is pointing.

Here he is hill climbing with his new chain drive. It worked all the way back to Minneapolis. Thanks for coming kevin!


  1. Had a great time with you all!

  2. Great times Matt thanks again for having me and again Happy Birthday FLARP!

  3. Where did you find a hill that big in East-River SD???