Wednesday, May 26, 2010

riding old bikes is the key to happiness

I taught sonal how to ride a motorcycle yesterday. She did a good job and only killed it a couple times! Once she was rolling she did fine.

Here is a pic of my daddy riding the same bike at speed. This bike is a cream puff.

Here is a pic of tim on his knucklehead. He flew home today. I will miss you tim,I am looking forward to your return at the end of July.

Here is a pic I took of the 39 while I was riding it. To take this picture you have to hold both of your hands as high up as you can and point the camera at the dash. It works well as long as your frame is straight lol

we went to the red rooster to watch the old people play music. I guess they do this every Tuesday afternoon. this guy sang a polka song the whole day was really magical. I just took some time to enjoy people and riding motorcycles. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in things that I don't take time to smell the roses. I recommend it to every one.


  1. Wow - flip-flops and a Panhead. There is no better way to start the summer!

    Nice reflection in the headlamp and spotlight buckets - white line fever, baby!

  2. hey where did tim get that fire extinguisher mount? that is what i need! :)