Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New/Old Pipes for our new 47 knucklehead

Here is a pic of the pipes that tim and I made for the 47 last night. My dad had a set of cruddy shot gun pipes that used to be on a ul that one of his friends owned. I cut them up and figured out how to make them fit on this bike. They are crude, and honestly look like a farm kid made them. I even tried to make my welds look shitty to keep with the theme.

The secret to making an ugly weld like this is to have a big gap to fill in with weld. I can't wait until this starts to rust,.

Here is the rear bracket. I welded a piece of strap stock to a rear crashbar nut, then welded it to the pipe. It is hokey, but it works.

Here is tim with the new pipes.

HEre is the finished product outside. I have been working onthe essay contest for the last three days, and making these pipes was the break that I needed. I think the bike looks better with these pipes when compared to the shiny new chrome exhaust that was on it before.


  1. Nice pipes, how is Tim doing? Tell him I say Hi

  2. It looks and sounds like you caught this bike before it was unnecessarily restored! That has happened too often in the past and I'm glad you nipped this in the bud. Hint - use more square nuts! If you need some, I may have a few - or are they still made?

  3. Kevin- Tim's bike is in a million pieces, we blasted it apart to straighten the frame. He is riding to Davenport with us.

    Lonnie-- I agree with you 100% I am really excited to set this bike up as a period bagger with everything on it but the kitchen sink. We will leave it in the bobber state till we have all the parts gathered up and ready to run. Thanks for the offer on the square nuts, but the bike came with quite a few extras.