Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More sturgis pics

My favorite part of Sturgis 2009 was the flat track out at the Broken Spoke County Line. The whole campground was the coolest place in Sturgis. Thursday night, Matt Walksler and I spent a couple hours polishing up our flattrack skills on our knuckleheads.

We were probably going 35-40 miles per hour. This was the best part of sturgis 2009. I loved every minute of the flat track.

Matt Walksler was in the lead the whole time. His bike has more ground clearance, and he is a good rider, it was tough to keep up with him.

Here is my bike getting abused. got to my youtube site at www.youtube.com/gosonytv to see me get my bike stuck in a rut.


  1. i love that your ridin your knuck like that...
    cheers from australia



  2. Great pictures man. What a good time. Can't wait till they put up the bigger track next year. Wish we could have spent another hour or two rippin it up. Got you're shift rod ready for shipping, just ship me mine back with the floorboards whenever you get 'em done. See you at Davenport bro.