Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free WLA essays ready to ship!!!

Last Saturday was the deadline for the AMCA's free WLA contest. I have been on the phone and computer for the last 4 days trying to get everything sorted out and all of the essays off to the panel of judges that are helping pick the winner. There were roughly 90 essays, which ranged from one to four pages, and 35 guys to help judge them.

I printed and numbered each essay, and took them into the print shop to make 35 copies of each of them. The place that made the copies used a case and a half of paper and printed out over
6,000 pieces of paper. The bill was 560 some dollars. This project has been a huge success, it has gotten a lot of younger people excited about old bikes and shown the general motorcycling public that the AMCA is made up of a bunch of really cool guys that are doing something positive in this industry. I am excited for the winner to be chosen at Davenport, and move on to building the bike with the winner. I am even more excited for the next contest, which will probably be a panhead or generator shovel bobber.

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