Sunday, April 5, 2009

We make the little spacer under the grease zerc!!
I used to scrounge the country looking for useable originals, they seem to be drying up, which is ok, since we now make our own. These things work and look great!!

I am waiting on some steering dampner parts to get back from the cad plater. I took this pic so you could see the handlebar lock plate. It is the fourth one that I have put on a bike in the last couple of months. It has the four bends in it just like originals. You can not tell the difference between originals and our reproductions. They are perfect. Somebody repros this piece already, but it is missing the bends, doesn't have the right radius on the front, and it is made out of steel. What a dumbass move to go through all the work and expense of making a die, and use the wrong material?

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