Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Prototypes

I got a couple of parts to review and check before we go into production today. Here is the little clip that holds the horn button together. It is pretty close, but the tangs need to be .020 longer, It would work the way it is now, but I want the parts that we make to be perfect. I am glad that the vendors that I work with are understanding and put up with my obsessiveness

Here is the cool piece!! My daddy and I made up stainless steel offset handlebar lock plates a couple of months ago, and we decided that we wanted to make inline plates too. This is the prototype, and it is a slam dunk. It only needs to be polished. If you look close you can see the four bends in the plate that are exactly like factory ones. I am also going to make 36 to 38 plates, which are pretty much the same, but they are flat, made out of steel and have a different rivet.

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