Friday, April 24, 2009

dinky day

wa wa wax Today was kind of a dinky day, Jesse and I cleaned the shop and took care of a bunch of small projects. I finished wiring the 47, built a couple of headlights and talked to a lot of my friends in Oley--apparently I am missing all of the smoking hot deals on good knucklehead parts.
Here is the dash for the 47, check out the cad plated side plug, what a beauty!

Yes that is snow in the pic. I was joking about the weather turning while I was on the phone with one of my friends from California, somebody must have heard me because it started to snow an hour later.


  1. Matt, Matt, Matt. Love the blog. Hope more folks find it. It ROCKS young man. I had to turn away though when the "great white" showed up. Didn't Meville write a book about him? I also loved the pipes on the blue bob job. See you in N.Y. Doc

  2. Thanks for the kind words Rich. It would be neat if more people found out about this site, but it doesn't really matter to me. I just like to go back and check out the previous posts to see what I have worked on, and see how things progress.