Saturday, February 14, 2009

re tubed 36 frame

The tubes are spliced underneath the floorboard tab, A hollow sleeve connects the original frame tube with the new one it is held in place by four .375 plug welds and the seam is welded. All welds are ground filed and sanded smooth.

The original downtube was cracked right at the neck forging, so I cut it off smooth, and drilled out the original tube. I found some 1.125 d.o.m. tubing and cut it at the proper angle. I had to drill the id of the 1.125 tubing out so that I could fit the 1" tubing inside of tit. All of the shiny areas are from plug welds being welded then ground smooth. I have to retecture the neck casting, then braze the joints for the right visual effect.

Frame is together in this pic, sidecar loops need to be welded and brazed on still.

This is a frame that I had to change some tubes on, and weld some brackets onto. It was a fun project, kind of challenging, but fun. Notice how the toolbox mount isn't welded the entire length, the slash cut tubes, and the 760 number on the footboard tab. I plug welded the tubes in the neck, and the frame tubes into the 1.125 tubes, the frame is straight and structurally sound in pics, but had to be restraightened after all of the brazing.

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