Sunday, February 15, 2009

The effect that 1936 Harleys have had on my education

Here is my 36, I dropped out of college to restore this bike, the fact that I couldn't sit still or stand college also helped me feel better about getting out of that place. I assembled this bike in three and a half hours with my dad and friend David Monohan at a tech seminar in Davenport a couple of years ago.

Here I am at the ripe age of 19 with John's freshly finished el, I never got to ride this bike, which is a bummer, I have already made up for the lack of miles on this one, by riding my 36. Notice the blue gloves, this reinforces the pedestal statement from below.

This is the bike that I put off college to restore. The first 36 that I restored with my dad. I remember how great it made me feel to be able to be trusted with the work on this bike. I have done a couple since this one, and am working on a couple more, but the first one is kind of like your first girlfriend, you put it on a pedestal.

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