Wednesday, February 18, 2009

panhead rocker block tool

Here is a pic of the new tool I made, the ground plate has four 5/16-20 holes tapped into the ground steel plate. I can torque these down to oem specs, so that they distort the same as when they are bolted to the head. It is kind of the same principal as torque plates. I would like to get some 7/8 grips for the handles. Then I can make motor noises while they are being honed.
In this pic, you can see the pic that is drilled in the oil cavity to convert the blocks to full flow oiling. An 8-32 allen screw is put into the o.g. hole. This process can be reversed easily if the desire to convert it back to oem specs arises.

The bottom blocks have .002 to .003 thousandths ground off of them. The dowel pins are pulled out of the top block and it is sanded. The dowel pins are put back in. check out the beautiful shiny surfaces on both pieces. OOlala

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