Sunday, March 7, 2010

florida bikes

Here is my friend Ryan's 50 fl. We had to pull the rear head off and get the exhaust port welded up. It had a big chunk missing out of it. This bike is really nice and it was fun to work on it in daytona,

Mike and Margret stopped by the amca trailer. I got a picture of them on my 46. They are a cut couple that have been together for 67 years. I love seeing them, they are very inspirational people.

This is a bike that my friend ken built. This was the coolest new bike that I saw all week!

This was the neatest chopper that I saw. Some good ole boy who runs a shop down south traded a new custom for this 70s survivor. This bike blew my mind! I think it was a sixty eight.

Here is a bike that was built by papa clucth this was a very clean shovel head.

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