Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ryan's 1940 cases

We got this motor in from Colorado to rebuilt this week. It has had some interesting case welding done some time over the last 69 years. 40 and 41 cases are very weak and tend to crack along the radius on the left case.

Somebody beefed up the left front motor mount, It is a little excessive.

I outlined all of the cracks that are still in the case after somebody fixed it.

These are the inside cracks. This is a terrible repair. The case was all greasy, so it is safe to assume that the shoddy repair was done a long time ago. Most of this material will end up being replaced, blended and textured. I am excited for you to see the after pics, it will be difficult to see where it has been fixed.

No wonder the case was so greasy, there was a hole in it!!! This may be kind of shocking to some of you guys reading this, but this particular set of cases is a matched set of factory stamped 1940 cases, and they are totally worth saving. Check back for updates, I will post pics when they are finished and ready to put together.


  1. The guy these came from is in his 90s and had thes cases for 50 yrs which is probably when he did the repair haha. I'm very excited !

  2. And I thought the '41EL cases I got from Tim (your dad knew him "Git 'er done!") were bad, they were nothing compared to these. Tom Shaw at Creekside repaired mine, including the scraper plates, after several other repairs failed. They are holding up nicely. I've seen too many of the early cases that have been discarded when with proper repair they can get a new life. Good luck with these.