Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BB47 score sheet

Here is the 47 that we took to davenport to have judged. It scored 98.25, which is the highest score that I have ever got on a knucklehead. This bike is a great example of what a 47 looked like back in the day.

Here is the judging sheet. I am really happy with this score. Check out the old posts to see a lot of detail shots of this bike.


  1. What did they mean by "brake switch paper". Is that the paper that goes over the bakelite insulator?

  2. there is a little paper insulater that goes on the brake light switch, I put it on, but it was a little beat up. I hope that the judges docked the 1/4 point because of it being a little ragged, and not because it was on there.