Friday, September 11, 2009

Oil tank sight gauge update!!!!

What are these two studs sticking out of the oil tank for??

OH yeah, they are for the oil tank sight gauge. I almost forgot about this project. Our friend Mark set us up with two more samples last weekend at davenport, and they are awesome. The plastic is a lot more clear, and the ejection pin timing is really good. We were having problems with the timing on the pin on the first prototypes, and it is resolved! We should be going into production with in a month!!!YAY

Part of my job is research and development of new products. I take this Job very seriously and had to see if the sight gauge passed the wheelie test. I am happy to report that it worked well.


  1. Matt! Thanks again for all your great work on your blog. Really makes my desk-job day go by fast! Good stuff!

  2. I will never understand how the hell you and your dad can do that! WOW.

    Hope all is well. Your Blog is GREAT!

    John F.
    Manasquan NJ.

  3. Thanks guys, My dad and I have both said that we would stop popping wheelies with the 48 at least a dozen times, it is really tough on the bike and breaks spokes, throttle cables and light bulbs. It is just so much dang fun that we always seem to beat the poor bike up whenever we get it out.