Thursday, March 27, 2014

55fl update and photos

The 55 is coming together fairly easily.  It's a pretty unique experience to work on a bike that is so unmolested and complete.  Everything is just falling into place and working out pretty good.  It hasn't gone without its challenges.  I'm working on the exhaust and primary setup todayd

The biggest challenges have been worn out parts and corrosion from sitting.  It's going good and we have freed up almost everything and gotten it back to working condition.  I am having difficulties getting the toolbox lock freed up. This came in a box of parts that came with the bike and it was frozen shut.  I have even soakig it with ob blaster for a month and working the lock back and forth. 

Here is a cool shit of the brake drum we replaced the sprocket and dust ring and left the original paint on the drum.   A lot of times the paint is burnt off if the drum from the brakes heating up, this one has really nice paint.  Which means ken either didn't like to stop or rode the bike on lots f rolling hills and prairie terrain 

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