Friday, February 7, 2014

silver paint and vard forks

 We are sorting out all of the oil pump and lifter blocks that need to get painted for this batch of motors.  It is pretty tedious and repetitive work.  Lots of solvent, water, compressed air, electric contact cleaner over and over.   Anyways,  I wanted to take a picture of this 38- 40 oil pump that is for a 40 el motor that we are doing.  The customer supplied it, and bought it on ebay.  It is a new old stock oilpump and has never been ran.  this is pretty wild,   It is painted white, so that means that it was probably made during the 42 to early 46 war years.   I have never seen one, and am pumped that I get to inspect it and use it.
 Oil pumps in 1940 were painted with silver paint, so we are repainting it the correct color. While i was blasting and prepping the pump for different paint i noticed that the welch plug was put in with red sealer, and then painted.  I dont know why i took a picture,  I just thought it was neat.
Here are some of the bearing cages that we are using for our motors.  We have these made for us, since originals are almost impossible to find and the other repro ones that are made in china are terrible.   
 My friend Harpoon made a website for his vard front end project.  These things are really nice and all made in the USA,  They are a very limited production part,  go check out his website at to figure out how to get one for your bike.

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