Sunday, February 16, 2014

39 el, 65 FLH and 46 fl

 We made some progress on this 39 EL on Wednesday,  it is sherwood green and silver, which are colors from 1936.  It is going to look really nice.  
I have to fit the inner primary cover and the chainguard tab, and get them over to Mike for some black paint

 We have been jamming out on Jason's 65, this  bike needs more lights
We got all of the turn signals working, and also switched out the one nos super soft muffler to a regular muffler, so now they both have the same amount of baffling and are both brand new.

 This is another really exciting project we are happy to announce.  This is a 1936 to 1945 Headlight bracket, that we just had made.   The originals are very difficult to find  and are always mangled, cracked and beat up.  There have been a few other companies that have tried to replicate this bracket, but its very difficult to get the aesthetic bends right. We pretty much ran out of good originals, so we took the one off of our 37 and had it copied.   They are made in America and primo.  Email the shop if you would like one, before theyre all sold out
Blurry iphone photo

 And This 46 got shipped out this week.  I am looking forward to seeing it on the east coast, but it was a sad day to see it leave.

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