Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Search for a champion contest

My beautiful and talented wife shot and edited a video for the Search for a Champion contest that Champion puts on every year. The winner of the contest is decided upon by voting,  people from all over the world can go to the always a champion site and vote for their favorite videos and racers once a day, every day until March 23rd.

Her video can be seen at this link

Go to the site and check out her video and all of the other ones and vote for your favorite one.   Brittney is planning on racing her 23 this summer, plus we are loaning my 1948 Harley Hummer to a 14 year old girl in ohio to race in the light weight class this summer. Once she outgrows the bike we will continue loaning it to other young riders so they can try dirt track racing.  By the time our son is big enough to race it, the bike will hopefully be pretty fast :)

 Winning one of the sponsorships offered in the contest would help Brittney take her racing goals to the next level as well as sponsor more young riders who are interested in racing old bikes.  So go and vote for her video once a day until March 23rd.   Thanks for your help and support and have a great week

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