Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lots of various old motorcycle news.

 Here is a 48 that sold at the Las Vegas Auction last week.  There were some real amazing bikes at the auction,  Unfortunately I didnt have time to go.   I was really curious about what this 48 would go for.  It is a bike that my dad and I restored 10 or 12 years ago. It sold for 60k, which is unbelievable for a restored 48 panhead.  It makes me feel good about the job that we did and it also makes me happy to see it in such good shape after all of these years.  I would like to find out who bought it and send them a muffler for the bike.  we were not making them when we restored this bike and it has a substandard reproduction tedds one on it.
 There is an article on the 39 we did for Jim in the new issue of American Iron,  go check it out,  the story is nice and the pictures are good too.
 Here is one of the tires that came with the brown and chrome 53 that my dad bought off of craigslist.  I love seeing these vintage shipping stamps on old tires.
 This is the first harley that I built with my dad. It is a 1948 harley s or what some people call a hummer. I started on it when I was ten and finished it when I was 11.  I rode it around for a few years and its kind of been rotting away in the corner for 15 years.  We are loaning it to our friends daughter in ohio, and giving her a budget to use for upgrades.  she is going to race it at vintage flat track races in the hummer class.  I am really excited to see it get put to use again.  

 Most of this week has been spent prepping and painting cases and installing studs.  It is really time consuming.
 We finally found a frame for Bills 51.  This frame is really primo,  the only thing wrong with it, is that there was a vtwin tool box strap on it that is too wide.   We have been looking for a frame of this caliber for a long ttime and glad we finally found one.  Thanks greg

 oerfect unbroken top motor mount
 fFunky factory welds on the seat post and motor mount

 Check out how nice the bottom tubes are
 This is the first batch of pistons that we are baking.  They are ceramic coated on top and Teflon on the skirts
 Lori from California wrote up a nice story about Brittney and posted it today.  Here is a link to it
 We got Justin's 47 el chassis all restored and its going back together.  The frame was pretty nice, there were a few gobs of welding we had to grind off and metal finish, plus we had to straighten it, but overall it was nice.  

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