Saturday, October 26, 2013

motors, wheels and a couple new parts

Here is Randy's 45 motor that my dad finished up.  It is really so nice.  We put the short clips in as a joke.  

I really like 51 fl motors, this one turned out nice.
This is a 62 motor that we just finished for a fellow in Hawaii,  it is the third motor we have built for people from the island state.   This motor was toast and one of the worst ones I have ever seen.  
Here are Jacks wheels for his 36.  My friend Anthony let me use a nos vl fender for color matching the croydon cream and venetian blue.  I cant wait to finish this bike its going to be so nice.

Here are some prototype kicstand brackets we had made up.  They still need a little metal finishing before they can be parkerized, but you get the idea.  They are correct for 36 to early 38 big twins with the short kickstand.  If you need one email me before theyre all gone.

Here is a rare part that nobody really knows about.  These are kickstand stops for 36 els. They were made out of two pieces and spot welded together.   We made up the kicstand brackets and it made sense to have these made too.
and here is a wax for a 36 and 37 footboard tab.

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