Tuesday, October 29, 2013

36, 47, 65 and baby heart beat!!!!

 I put together 12 hubs this weekend.  It was pretty laid back.  Jesse cleaned up all the parts, which is the most time consuming part.   Here is a cool pic of Bob's 39 sleeves,  can any of you guys guess why the three rings are on them?
Here is the line up.  Fitting bearings is a pain, I like to do a lot at once, rather than a few scattered throughout the year
 My dad and I spent Sunday together pre assembling Jim's 36.  It is really going to be a nice bike.  This frame was really chopped up and took a bit of work to turn into something .  It was really nice to just hang out in the shop and work on the same bike with my dad like the old days  
 Oil lines and crash bar are pre fit in this pic
 We still have to get the rocker arms and shafts sized to fit before we can finish the top end, but you get the idea. 
 Late 36s had a one piece crash bar,which is a lot better than the 27 piece one that most of them used.  There is a dimensional problem with it bolting up to the frame, the u bolts and spacing on the crashbar is for 1.125 tubing and the frame tube is 1.00 Here is a cool photo of the piece that Harley designed to take up the difference.   I made up a dozen sets of these shims eight years ago and have only sold one pair, I guess I just doubled my sales lol
This is my good friend Jason's 65,  we are just about finished with it,   It has been a monumental amount of work to figure out the anamolies of 65 electraglides,  It makes me feel good to work on the bike because its for my friend,   I dont think that I will ever work on one after this.
 Too many lights is not enough!   The tail light lense is a nos piece that we bought in Pennsylvania

 This was one of the hardest parts to find for the bike.  The electra glide emblems are a one year only part and do not have the little trademark dot at the end of the script. 
 Here is Justin's 47 frame back from the Powder coater
Craig is already truing wheels!   Two of these are for the 47 and the other one is for Pauls back wheel.

Yesterday was a milestone day for britt and I, we drove up to Moore head Minnesota to do some prenatal stuff and got to hear our baby's heart beat for the first time.   This was a pretty amazing moment.   We wont get to find out what sex it is for another six weeks.  I hope it is a boy, but it doesnt really matter as long as its healthy.

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