Monday, July 29, 2013

our wauseon experience

Waueson is the biggest AMCA meet in the country and its located in ohio.  It is an absolute blast and a great meet to attend.  They have parts, motorcycles, races and everything old motorcycle related you could hope or dream for.   We finished up Jim's 38 and brought it there for judging.   Here is a pic of it almost finished up. 
When a bike gets this close to finish, we make a list and just start tying up loose ends.   In this pic the dash is on for good, and its pretty much buttoned up.   I still had to set up the steering dampener, when I went to do it, I saw that the rod didnt come up enough?
The rod on the left is the one that is in it.  If you want to take this rod out, you have to pull the front wheel, brake, fender and fender light wire!!!  I had no idea that there was a shorter steering dampener rod.  It must be for a rl or some other early fork.  I am posting this, so none of you guys reading this page make the same mistake, because it is a bummer to change the thing.
we finished up Pauls 37 motor and transmission and got it mounted in his frame.   It turned out really nice. 
here is a pic that isnt so blurry
My uncle ricky showed up and drove out to ohio with my dad.   The 38 scored 96.75 in judging which is pretty good.   I havent looked at the sheet yet, so I dont know what we got deducted on
Brittney and I drove the race van out and had minor air conditioner problems
When we showed up in ohio, my friend matt walksler was stressed out because his new fh race motor had stripped the threads in the the intake insert.   We came up with a good idea on how to fix it, but didnt know of any tools or a shop to do it in.   My dad asked around and found a cool race car garage, and we were able to go over and the owner of the shop fixed it up.  
Here is the fix.  They are just pieces of 1020 steel silicon bronzed on to the head casting and nut all the way around the circumference of the nut.  This is an easy repair that can be removed with minimal damage some day down the road
Here is a blurry pic of dave and matt.   Thanks to Tower dave, billy z and dave for helping matt get his bike properjadded   He won the race at wauseon on friday, and wouldn't have been able to race without their help

Here is a picture of my friend John's bikes .  He let me race the green bike, which was a very generous offer,  I was in the same class as Brittney.  I got last place.  I dont think I have what it takes to be a flat track racer.  It was still a great experience.  Thanks John
The man, the myth, the legend.  Marty Macgiver.   He built a killer flat track panhead a couple years ago and brought it out to the meet for one of his apprentices to race.  Billy got third or fourth in the handshift class on a bike that probably weighed 40 percent more than the bikes it was racing against.
Here is a shot of britts bike, Jims bike and the excelsior that John let me ride.
The theme at Wauseon this year was knuckleheads.   Rick allen brought out the cloud.  I have been daydreaming about this bike for years.   Last weekend was the first weekend I ever got to see it.
My dad rounded up all of the 36s at the meet for some cool photo ops.  There were seven of them at our booth on saturday.  It was pretty amazing to see
Brittney and Sean Oneil did a great job on the youth program field games.   We have a couple veteran kids that have been to all three years of youth field games at Wauseon.   I was in charge of checking for false starts
Rick got this bike from the original owners grandson.  It was all in pieces and the grandson was going to chop it,  rick traded him some other new bike for it in pieces and saved this awesome piece of history.   My 36 is 40 numbers away from it.
Rick let me take the cloud for a spin, when I got back he told me to take my wife for a ride.   This is a memory that I will have for the rest of my life.  Thanks Rick
This awesome early 40 showed up too.   what a cream puff
I love 40s
The sunday after the meet we did a few hot laps and got the track promoter out on brittneys bike.  It was an awesome way to start the day.

We even got the race van on the track!!!, it was just to get out of the gate, but it kind of earned its wings
Here is a dark photo of britt riding my el

Our friends Yugin and Ryo flew in from japan to go to wauseon.  When we went to the mooneyes show, they took us all around japan to see old bikes and other shops.  It was the best part of our trip.   We wanted to return the hospitality so we let them ride a couple knuckleheads back to the shop in south dakota

We took them on a few gravel roads, since there arent any in Japan

We stopped by our friends Klock works in Mitchell to put the bikes on the dyno.  They had this huge victory vision there.  Ryo and Yugin had never seen a bike so big.
Here is a pic of the first dyno run on brittneys bike.  it had 22.8 horsepower We are going to flow the heads this winter and see if we can squeeze some more out of it.
Jim Put his 28 on the dyno next it had 27 horsepower, but kind of broke up at high speeds,   we took the carb apart and found a little dent in the hole where the high speed needle goes and fixed the issue.
Before we left we went out in the country and Let Brian and Laura's daughter Karlee ride jims 28
Karlee has a couple land speed records and is one of the coolest girls in south dakota, she said that riding the indian was amazing and that it had a ton of power.
Here is yugin starting the bike.
we had to stop by huron and check out the worlds largest pheasant

Jim said that his bike was uncomfortable and that he spent most of his energy trying to maintain a riding position.   After riding brittneys bike he said that he would like to try a seat like hers,   We had this blank that lock had started on and abandoned when he made britts seat pan, so we just finished it up and made it work for jims application.

here is a photo of yugin on jims bike

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