Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brittneys bike and the rest of our trip

Here is brittneys bike at born free five.   
and the left side

Jim brought his indian out too.  Its a 28 chief motor stuffed in a chassis that he made.  he won davenport 10 years in a row on this bike.  It is so trick and so fast.  You can start his bike with the rear wheel.  We did it a couple times at born free.  It was a lot of fun to share it with everyone.
 After born free we went over to our friend George Hood's place to work on the bike.   It ran good, but it had a palpatation of sorts.  it seemed to hit 9 out of 10 beats when it was wound up.  I assumed it was the magneto,   so I called up Dave at Morris magneto and asked him to make one for us.  He made a prototype zev mag for Dave Kafton's cannonball bike and it worked flawlessly.   so I figured we would put one on brittneys bike.  George helped us out on it.
 Here is the new mag.  It is pretty wild looking, but it really works good.
 this mag has a cam that rotates and the points are stationary,  which is opposite of the original zev style mag, which has the points rotating.  
We drove 1000 miles straight through to Jim's shop in Colorado to get the bike finish tuned and dialed in for their elevation.
 here is a pic of Jims and Brittneys bikes in Holyoke colorado, which is where they practiced

 Here is Fast Jim trying out brittneys bike.
 And My lovely wife

 Brittney and Jim got over a 100 laps in and it was a good practice session for Brittney before Wauseon.  The track in holyoke is 3/8 of a mile and really rough,  so they werent able to go super fast, but it was still practice

 I am very excited to go to wauseon for the real races

 The truck doubles as a bike stand
 After Holyoke, we went back to Jims place and advanced the timing.   IT doesn't start with the back wheel any more, but it is sooo fast.  The rest of our trip was good, we drove back to south dakota and are back to work doing fun stuff with old bikes.  Ill post more on that in the next day or two

 Here is a photo of a painting that I just got emailed to me yesterday.  A fellow named Reed White, took a picture of Brittney at the Viking meet and made a huge four foot by six foot painting of it.  He told me hes going to have it at the Minnesota state fair.  Go check it out if youre in the area.

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