Friday, July 1, 2011

36 knucklehead in a field pictures

Here is a picture of my 36 in the weeds. I tried to capture how tall the grass was.

some weeds that my brake caught.

I used to cruise around on my little honda fifty in these same fields. It was a blast to ride my 36 through them, it made me feel like I was seven years old. These weird little grass things are in soggy muddy ground, the sun was setting and they were glowing. It was really cool. The pictures do not do it justice. I am impressed with the extra ground clearance that you get with an xa fork. They are so cool.

Brittney practiced riding the 36 yesterday. here are some pictures of her kicking up grass.

She did laps in the yard for a few hours, then we went out on the road. I am so proud! Good job Brittney!


  1. Sweet :)

    (Big Mama)

  2. I liked the blue but the chrome tanks and bobbed fender just grab my attention.