Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pure insanity

sorry for the lack of updates. I got in a bad accident with my sears and have been healing. One of the cool things that has happened since the cannonball at our place was a ride that my dad, Ray and little Neil did with 12 guys from the York Pa Harley facility. We flew them in to our place, taught them how to start old bikes and ride them, then everyone rode up to one of my friends place to look at his collection of 50 really old harleys and an indian. here is the line up of the old bikes that they rode.
lots of neat bikes in this pic. I can't believe that no one crashed or got hurt. this was one of the craziest things that my daddy and I have ever done. Every one had a blast and made new friends.

Here is a pic of everyone leaving. The guy on my 36 is Dave, he runs the union for all of the employees at york. He is a cool guy!

Here is our op 49. You can read about the trip in an up coming issue of HOG tales magazine.


  1. Welcome back, Matt! Great pictures!

  2. Glad you are healing up! Your blog is one that I check every day and enjoy seeing you and your dad's work.
    Take care. LC from SC