Wednesday, October 27, 2010

41 el rebuild

after the ride, half the guys flew home in the am and six guys stayed at our place till their evening flight. We let them tear down our 41 motor which had been smoking pretty badly. This bike had 7 thousand miles on it when we bought it in 02. This is the first time that the motor had been out of the frame since 1941

HEre is a pic of Jim, he works on the floor at York and builds bikes all day long. He is a super nice guy.
Here is the problem. ELs don't havethe top compression ring on the front piston. The piston melted and compression was seaping past this nasty part of the piston. The exhaust gasses went through the piston into the cases and out the breather. My dad is planning on taking this bike on our alaska trip, so we were going to go through the motor anyways. The burnt piston scuffed the cylinder wall a little bit but it should clean up at .005 over.


  1. God to see you`r recovering from your Sears mishap. Look forward to more blog updates.


  2. Matt, glad to see you back in working condition again.

    I guess since the '41 is coming apart, I really need to thank you again for talking me into taking it for a spin when it was still "as delivered."