Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I set up the primary on Doug's 36 yesterday. It turned out really well. This is the same clutch that was in my 36 when I first built it, so I know that it works well.

My dad trimmed out the ferner's fenders. We went over the strips with a scotch brite pad to give them a brushed finish. I am very happy with how they turned out and think that the bike looks 100 times better with the strips on.

Here is the other side. I still have to sort out the rear brake and hook up the clutch and shifter, then I am going to fire it up. I will try to take a video of the occasion.

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  1. Your Daddy does good work - yeah, you guys were right, it looks loads better with the strips. And a chain! Thanks a gazillion. can't take my eyes off this blog!