Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 49 take offs.

Here are the screws for the fork tins, the rear floorboard bolts, and the original paint peacock blue hinge bolts. Al didn't throw anything away, this is so cool!!
Here are some n.o.s bags with old parts in them. Al put the used parts in the bags that the new parts came in.

The bike has -55 d rings on the heads, I was kind of bummed out about them and we planned on taking them off. The boxes of extra parts had the original panhead cover screws in it, all 24 of them are there. It is pretty neat that they stayed with the bike all these years.

Here is the original cycle beam headlight, the bike has a t3 motorcycle sealed beam on it now, It is pretty cool that it is still there. The bike also came with a really old rear chain, I am pretty sure it was the original chain. The original owner wasn't the type to throw things away.

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