Monday, June 30, 2014

Born free 6 and cannonball golden ticket resultd

Brittney, lock and I headed west late last week for born free 6.  Here is a picture of us with the bike I built for the show.   This was the most challenging build that I have ever done.  I did a lot of the work ay friends shops while Brittney and I  were  living in Minnesota and waiting for our son to be born.  It's
Born free is the best show in the country and it brings some of the best bikes in the world into one place.  Here is a pic of us with our friend sin from Japan and his bike.  The bike is built around a koslow motor.  Andy koslow worked at excelsior and helped develop their ohv top ends.  When excelsior went out of business in 31 he went on to make his own motors And top ends.

We also drew the two winners for our cannonball golden ticket project that we have been working on. The first place prize is an all expense paid trip to go on the cannonball and ride my bike from Florida to Washington along with a 100 other old bike enthusiasts.   Scott from the southern us won  the first prize, and will have a great time riding an El coast to coast 

The second place prize is an all expense paid trip to go to Milwaukee and visit the Harley Davidson museum and give a behind the scenes look into the archives.    Kevin from Canada was drawn for that experience.   

Thanks to everyone that signed up and participated.  It's great to see how many people are excited about old motorcycles and riding them.   

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