Sunday, February 3, 2013

random photos

I found this picture of my dad and Mason filling transmission oil in Kevins bike from a couple years ago.   It is one of the coolest pics.
 We were fortunate enough to make a deal to get this new old stock 1925 to 1929 left jd tank.  We are going to put it on our 29 jd.  I know its a long shot, but we really would love to find a nos or nice used original pain right tank to match it, do any of you guys have one?
 My friend Anthony sent me a new old stock vl fender to use for paint reference for a couple bikes that we are building.   We are going to paint Jack's 36 venetian blue and croydon cream and Scott is going to have his 38 venetian blue.
 I am very thankful that I get to use this, and take the guess work out of matching a color.  This fender has never been on a bike and is 75 years old.
 I told Anthony that the fender is nice enough to chrome plate.
 Here is the picture of Brittney on the 41 that Taxi chose for the Allstate Tire Catalog  I love the bike and brittney.  They are awesome
 here is a shot of brittneys frame, that Mike is making.  we ran into an unforeseen issue.  We had planned on using a military excelsior fork from the late teens, but realized that it was way too long for the bike.   We would have had to raise the neck 4 inches, here is what it looks like with the 4 inches up setup!  It would be a little off!   We are going to have to make or find a frontend to use that is closer to racer proportions.   
 We spent some time riding dirt bike yesterday after it snowed a few inches.  It was a ton of fun.  It was a lot colder than it looks.  This picture really shows how barren South Dakota is.
Here is Brittney in her black power ranger suit.

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