Monday, August 6, 2012

Pics from our trip

Miss brittney and I had a blast riding the thirty seven West to sturgis. We left at eight and rose through the night it was about fifty degrees out. The motor was tuning great and we were taking our time with no sense Of urgency. We ran into a problem about eighty miles from sturgis when we ran out of gas. There is a real lack of card reading gas pumps and twenty four hour gas stations in this state. We ended up pushing the bike to the side of the road and sleeping in the ditch until our dear friends Gina and billy showed up with two gallons of gas for us. It was fun sleeping in a ditch in the middle of nowhere for a few hours but I wouldn't want to do it all the time


  1. A knucklehead watches over a happy couple, while they sleep.

  2. Coool, you guys are making stories and memories! That is what "it" is about, livin' and having fun!

    Highlander :{>