Monday, July 12, 2010

36EL1005 riding pics and first start up video

This is a pic of my dad on 36el1005. My dad rode 36el1002 when it was still in this country, so it is safe to say that he is probably the only guy in the world that has ridden 2 of the first 5 knuckleheads. Plus he is my hero and best friend. This bike looks so good moving. I love it. This has been a six year project and the toughest bike that I have ever done. It is pretty crazy to think about all of the things that have come and gone and changed in my life over the last six years that it took to produce this bike. What an amazing thing.

I retubed the front half of this frame, it is one of the first posts on this blog. Check it out. I rode it tonight for four miles without my hands on the handlebars. IT is perfect!

Here is a pic of the two bikes at a gas station! I am happy with how the overhead oiling is set up and will be putting the right tank on tonight!

I took this pic rolling down the rode at fifty miles an hour. It is so much fun to cruis around and put your right hand on the rockers while they move, you can really feel the motor run and get in tune with everything that is happening. It is zen like!

VROOM, here is a video of it starting up for the first time. What a cream puff. If you are going to sturgis, it will be at the Eternal Combustion Exhibit at the Buffalo chip!


  1. What keeps dirt out of the motor? Or does a little get in anyway?

  2. matt you are so lucky to have the life you do. i wish i could live and breathe bikes every day. i would not need to be rich, just knowing that everytime i restore a bike i am maintaining a part of american history for someone else to enjoy a 100 years later. that in its self is wealth, how amazing is that! your reverence for american iron will propel history, hence you will become historic!