Wednesday, June 8, 2011

patches, bobbers and old knuckleheads

Here are a couple of hand painted leather patches that Casey gave me last week. They are amazingly detailed. The guy that painted them painted a bunch of ww2 bomber jackets for the Smithsonian. Check out his website, it is on the card above the patches. Before Casey headed back home for Wisconsin, he cut out a white moustache and set it on a picture of me that was on my kitchen counter. He is a stylist/designer for Harley, so I guess this is my personal HD 1 makeover. lol

We finished up the 41 yesterday. It started on the first kick. The Generator bearing is making a bit of a noise, so I will have check it out. Here is a pic of Brittney on it before test riding.

Here is the rear fender for a 45 bobber that I am working on. Brittney did the stripes on them. I didn't want the stripes to go off of the edge of the fender like stock bikes, so she put a point on each end. They turned out great and look amazing next to the wheels.

And the front fender.

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  1. What is his website?, the company name doesn't really show up in any Google searches.