Thursday, June 23, 2011

digging holes and finishing up motors

This picture was taken from inside the barn. What a bunch of digging. Jesse did most of it, I tried it for a few hours. Jobs like this make me appreciate working in the shop.


My dad is just finishing up Don's 48 motor. It is turning out very nice. This is for an original paint 48,Don's brother has an original paint 48 as well and they are consecutive serial numbers. We had to weld new spigots on the exhaust ports and consequently bead blast the heads. Our friend Markus set us up with some nasty old grease off of an oil pan from a case tractor that we heated up in the microwave and painted on the heads to make them look old. It turned out pretty well and the heads really match the rest of the aluminum.

It already looks good and will only look better the more it gets run and ridden.

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