Monday, June 13, 2011

motorcycle trip pictures

Brittney my dad and I just got back from a 1200 mile trip. We went to the AMCA meet in Saint Paul and then to the dice party in Des Moines. It was a blast, the bikes ran great and a good time was had by all. Here are some random pictures from the last few days.

This was the coolest bike at the dice party. Tom Fugle built it in 68. There are all sorts of trick parts on it, I will post more pictures later.

This is a killer jdh tank that I saw at the saint paul meet. These have bigger pockets for the hot rod two cam motors.

We didn't make very good time yesterday, because my dad had to take a nap.

This is where we camped in Des Moines. What a great time.

Slippery Pete showed up from Chicago on his knucklehead. This bike is super comfortable and bad ass.

This is a pic of the 36 and 39s in front of some gas station during a random break.

This is a stellar 55 panhead that I took a ton of pictures of during the Viking meet.

I broke my primary belt nine miles into the trip. It was a real bummer. It lasted through 8 or 9 thousand miles. It would have probably lasted longer if I wouldn't have done so many wheelies and hole shots with my bike. It is the most abused 36 on earth. It took fifteen minutes to install a new primary belt and we were back on the road. I always pack a spare.

Here is a picture of the mule rolling down the road. We cruised 70/75 all weekend long and covered 1200 miles. I love knuckleheads, they are super bikes.

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